Or What Happens if Attention (and Transformer) Is All We Need?

August 2022

Since it’s been a while, I will summarize key takeaways from the previous posts. This will set the stage for future posts, and, for the new readers, it…
If you are a new subscriber, this might be an odd post to start, but welcome! Some time ago, I started a newsletter experiment called Page Street Labs…

November 2020

Issue #3: Why comparing models like GPT-3 with human brain/intelligence is flawed in a unique way.

August 2020

What’s in this issue: I continue our exploration in GPT-3 hype by considering a recent viral post as an example, leading us to critically examine the…

July 2020

What's in this issue: Here I try to deconstruct the buzz about GPT-3, and in trying to do that, I dig deeper into what hype means in the context of…
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